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New Penrith Show Secretary for 50th year on the field

18th January 2022

New Penrith Show Secretary for 50th year on the field

Plans are afoot to celebrate 50 years of Penrith show at its current location – Brougham Hall. Leading the administration and running of the show will be new Secretary Andy Ryder and his team at Pedigree Livestock Services Limited.

To mark the 50th anniversary, Pedigree Livestock Services has donated an oak tree which will be planted on the show field.

The new Chair of Penrith Show is Fiona Kidd - the first female to hold the position. Fiona is from Ousby, Penrith and comes from a Cumbrian farming family near Appleby. She attended Newton Rigg and Lancashire Agricultural colleges and has has spent decades working in the animal health industry – currently with Bimedia Animal Health. For the last 10 years she has also been a regional advisor for the Moredun Foundation.


The new Chair - Fiona Kidd said “The smooth running of the show takes a lot of effort and we want to thank Mandy Hitch for all her years of hard work as Secretary. We have been fortunate to have had great interest in the role and are now delighted to announce that the future smooth running of the show will be guided by Andy Ryder and his Pedigree Livestock Services team from their offices in the Eden Valley. Catherine Jones and Lucie Graham will be our main point of daily contact, but other team members will support her in the run up to the 2022 show, which will be held on 16th July 2022.

Taking on the new Secretary role, Andy Ryder said “The Helm family have been very generous to the show over many years, allowing us to have the same show field year after year. Wanting to mark 50 years on the field with a long-lasting tribute, an oak tree will be planted to commemorate the occasion – and as this year also marks Pedigree Livestock Services’ first season with the Secretarial honours, we felt it would also be quite fitting for us to donate the tree, planting it with the help of long-time show supporter Jamie Fisher.

“A huge amount of work goes into putting the show on and we’d like to encourage new people to get involved, whether that’s joining the committee or helping get the show field ready or helping on the day. If anyone would like to help, please contact Catherine on 01768 870523 or speak to members of the show committee.”

With a sense of optimism, the show sections will continue as before, and details of entertainment and activities will be announced later in the year.

Catherine and the team can be contacted on 01768 870523 or email [email protected]

L to R: Catherine Jones Andy Ryder, Fiona Kidd, and Lucie Graham