Judging at Penrith Show
Penrith Show Date

2018 Handicraft Classes

10th October 2017

The lovely ladies on the Industrial Committee have released the handicraft classes for 2018, to give you all lots of time to get crafting.  The Group Section title will be "Halloween"


Any group entry by 3 or more people

This class will be marked out of 120; 20 marks for each item and 20 marks for display. 

To be staged on a baseboard, space allowed 24” x 24” (approx 61cm x 61cm)

Backboard optional. Accessories allowed for this class.

Class 7101  “Halloween”

2 items of cookery, 2 items of craft, 1 floral arrangement



Restricted to TWO entries per Class.

Class 7038 A Bottle Opener – Pick up and bring, Rule 1 does not apply.

Class 7039 Any Article in Bead Work

Class 7040 Hand Knitted Article (Double Knitting) each entry must be accompanied by

a ball band

Class 7041 Hand Knitted Baby Garment

Class 7042 A Pinney or Apron

Class 7043 An Item in Felting

Class 7044 A Retirement Card - Any medium

Class 7045 A Pincushion – any medium

Class 7046 A Christmas Decoration

Class 7047 An Item in Patchwork

Class 7048 A Fabric Bag

Class 7049 An Article in Tapestry

Class 7050 An Article in Cross Stitch Embroidery - to hang

Class 7051 A Cushion any medium– not to exceed 24” square

Class 7052 A Piece of Jewellery – any medium

Class 7053 Any Other Handicraft

Class 7054 A Dressed Doll – Doll may be bought

Class 7055 A Knitted Toy