Judging at Penrith Show
Penrith Show Date

Show Regulations

  • All animals to be the property of the exhibitor at the time of entry except for exhibits in the hunting, riding and leaping classes.
  • All stock should be led and in the hands of a competent person.
  • Bulls must be secured by a ring in the nose with a chain attached, attended by TWO persons, otherwise they cannot be admitted to the showground.
  • No animal shall come before the judge more than once, except in the case of championships, specials, leaping classes and where otherwise stated.
  • No livestock exhibitor may leave the showground prior to the Grand Parade, unless permitted to do so by the Chief Steward.
  • All the cups and trophies are to be held by the winner for one year, except if otherwise stated, and be their responsibility during the year in which they have custody thereof. Cups and trophies are to be returned to the offices of Penrith Agricultural Society, Holme House, Dale, Ainstable, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 9RH.
  • One person attending with each Lot on behalf of the exhibitor must be acquainted with the various particulars required to be certified regarding the stock of which they are in charge.
  • All Committees (appropriate quorum) reserve the right to disqualify any animal exhibited in breach of the Society Rules.
  • Any protest against an entry shall be in writing accompanied by a deposit of £50.00, to be handed to the Secretary before the start of the Grand Parade. Any such protest will be investigated by two Stewards and a Vet and the owner required to prove the correctness of the entry or forfeit the prize money. In the event of a protest being unsustained the deposit shall be forfeited to the funds of the Society.
  • In the interests of the public and for safety reasons the committee reserve the right to (i) cancel the show and or (ii) to refuse vehicles onto the showfield.
  • The Society will not be liable in respect of any claim for loss, injury or damage which any stock, article or person may sustain from accident or otherwise at/or in connection with the show except in the case of proven negligence on behalf of the Society.