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Charity of the Year 2023 - The Great North Air Ambulance Service

23rd April 2023

The Society has chosen The Great North Air Ambulance Service to be our Charity of the Year for this year. It is a charity we all hope we don't have to call out... but it is well worth supporting.  

They are planning to bring one of their Rescue vehicles - not the helicopter (the down draught might blow us all away) - however the vehicle carries all that is required, and there will be technicians and doctors on hand to talk to.  Throughout the day they will carry out Agriclutural First Aid sessions that you can attend, watch or be part of.

We are still in the planning stages of other things for the day and we will continue to update. 

1. GNAAS have kindly sponsored a special children's class in the HomeMade HomeGrown Section we want to see as many as possible on the day.

Class 7000  Model Helicopter made from natural material (age 12 and under)