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Guardians Of Eden Trust - Farming Initiative Bursary

This Trust has been set up by the Penrith Agricultural Society from the proceeds of the sale of the book about farming in Eden “ Guardians of Eden”.

The Trust will award a bursaries to young people for developmental agricultural activity and initiatives.

Please click on the link to the right for further details and to download a copy of the application form for GUARDIANS OF EDEN TRUST - Farming Initiative Bursary.

Please find details below of its constitution:


1. The name of the Trust shall be "Guardians of Eden Trust"

2. The object of the Trust is to "Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Eden"

3. The Trust was set up from profits of the book "Guardians of Eden" which was published by the Penrith Agricultural Society in 2000. The profits from this book are classed as restricted funds for this Trust.

4. The priniciple activity of the Trust will be to award bursaries in respect of -

  • Promotion of Agricultural Produce and Skills
  • Agricultural inventions and innovations
  • Travel to see other agricultural practices
  • Links to other areas in relation to agriculture

5. Bursaries are to be awarded to young persons up to age 40

6. Geographical area in which young persons live is the Eden District Council area

7. The bursaries are to be paid out of interest on the profits of the "Guardians of Eden" book and Penrith Agricultural Society general funds

8. Any specific bequests to the Trust will be treated as Restricted Fund for the Trust

9. Level of bursary.

  • Levels of Individual Bursaries will be determined by the Trustees.
  • There will be a maximum amount of bursaries per annum.
  • The individual and maximum amount of bursaries and will be reviewed regularly and set as appropriate in line with the financial results of Penrith Show.

10. Promotion of bursary - both in relation to nominees for awards and actual awards

  • Young Farmers Clubs
  • C&W Herald, Cumberland News and Messenger
  • Local Radio
  • Farming Press
  • Grant Fundfinder - VAC
  • In Penrith Show catalogue and schedule
  • In Industrial Tent on Penrith Show day - and at other Eden shows
  • Penrith Show website
  • See application/promotion leaflet

11. Method of nomination for bursary awards and making awards

  • Applications made on Trust application forms
  • Applications made throughout the year
  • Two references required - including one from a professional e.g. bank manager, accountant or solicitor

12. Method of determining level of award

  • Trustees are be notified of applications by Trust secretary and then return slip to Trust Secretary with indication of level of grant to be awarded
  • Amount of grant would be the average level indicated by the Trustees
  • Once established no Trustee meetings would normally be necessary to determine level of awards.
  • Special meetings may be necessary in unusual circumstances.
  • Initially Trustee should meet to establish a template for levels of awards based on initial applications.
  • Once established the Trustees should meet once or twice per annum to discuss mechanisms of Trust and levels of awards given.

13. Requirements of successful award applicants

  • Successful applicants will have to make a report of their activities in relation to bursary award
  • Details of activities be shown on Penrith Show website and on Show Days

14. Organisational Structure

  • Trustees
  • 7 trustees
  • Including President and Chairman of Society
  • Trustees elected each year at Penrith Agricultural Society AGM
  • Quorum of 5 required to vote on bursary
  • Bursary Administration Secretary
  • Individual contact and administration person - not necessarily a Trustee