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Felix the Fast Tractor and the Twirling Tractor

Farmer Brougham and his dog Beacon are our mascots who annually appear to promote the show via the media and on signage in and around the town of Penrith.

Created in 2008 from a joint initiative with Cumbria College of Art in Carlisle, our mascots have dramatically changed the way the show markets itself. Graham Harper from the Art College originally came up with the idea and it was him that Farmer Brougham was created.

In 2009 we brought him, and his dog, to life, appearing in a book created by the local author Catherine Cannon of Felix the Fast Tractor fame. The book is centred around the show and is entitled Felix the Fast Tractor and the Twirling tractors. In it Felix teams up with a number of other tractors to put on a display in the main ring.

Felix the Fast Tractor and the Twirling Tractor
Guardians of Eden

An illustrated celebration of the influence and role of farming in East Cumbria, issued in 2000

Guardians of Eden