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President's Welcome

I am delighted to have been chosen to be Penrith Show President this year, it might even be the first year I get to see the whole show!

I moved to Penrith thirty-one years ago, working for Genus as a dairy consultant, then still part of the MMB, for those that can remember that far back! After a number of years I joined Dodd & Co where I have worked for the last twenty six years.

Over that time I have been working with farmers and landowners throughout Cumbria and throughout the UK, but it is nice to have some roots back here in the local community. I have been coming to Penrith show for nearly thirty years, mainly working on the Dodd & Co stand, but in that time my wife has been show secretary and our children roamed about when younger when we were both busy on the showfield.

I’m hoping that this year I get to see all of the show, hopefully in some sunshine, and hope everyone else has an enjoyable day.

Rob Hitch





Rob Hitch - President 2023